Welcome to the 2017 Playthings Etc. Treasure Hunt!

Below are rules and guidelines to make the hunt fun, safe and friendly for everyone.

Keep up with the hunt on Facebook for more real-time updates and comments (and sometimes extra hints).Treasure Hunt

During the months of June and July we hide over 20 different treasures.

  • Treasures are gift cards with a minimum value of $25.
  • All treasures will be hidden in public areas within a 15 mile radius of our store.
  • Please only one treasure per family, per year.
  • If you find a treasure, notify Playthings Etc. immediately by:
    • commenting on the clue on Facebook with a picture of you holding the treasure at the location it was found,
    • or if unable to post to Facebook, please call us and we will post an update so others are not looking in vain.
  • A minimum of three treasures per week will be hidden.
  • New clues will be given each week for treasures that have not yet been found.
  • Keep it fun and friendly, but act fast because our fans are extremely smart and swift
  • The last week will be the finale week with many treasures hidden!

Welcome to the 2017 Playthings Etc. Treasure Hunt!

Join us this year for 6 weeks of treasure hunting fun! From June 5th – July 15th you can solve our super difficult puzzle clues to find the location of
hidden treasures. The treasures are gift cards to Playthings Etc. worth at least $25. Put on your thinking cap and treasure-hunting boots and get
ready to move swiftly! Good luck!