We are a family owned business and as such we contracted with local, family owned contractors such as Bryan Construction of Slippery Rock who did a masterful job carefully crafting the Building’s wood frame. Montgomery Truss in Grove City assisted with CAD designed framing and truss work.

Ron Hartman Concrete provided the ship’s foundation and poured the colored floor. The building is “docked” on 10 inch wide poured footers and foundation load bearing walls. The front of the building has two of these walls. You’ll notice the ship looks like it’s taking off, that’s due to the center line angle being raised 5 degrees. The ceiling at the front of the building is four feet lower than it is at the space portal. At the space portal, if you could reach your hand through the wall at a height four feet off the floor, you’d be touching the grass on the outside of the building.

This unique store would not be what it is if it weren’t for Denny Barnhardt and his guys at Biofab Products in East Butler who skillfully welded the aluminum which affixes to the wood frame. The aluminum is 3/16 inches thick (5052 grade). Over 4500 feet of weld was required to bond the 5ft x 40ft pieces of aluminum sheets. The building expands and contracts almost 2 inches between summer and winter so each of the ships’ 11 separate flat surfaces ride on specially designed Teflon hangers that slide on the wood frame skeleton.

Over 8500 feet of shielded wire was meticulously installed by Rick Kunselman Electric. All lighting can be operated on the left side of our control panel at the command center at the “bridge” of the ship. Most of the lighting has been installed to surpass California energy consumption standards. LED bulbs are used abundantly inside and out. The outside “blitz” fixtures are the only ones configured as such in the world. Some of our lighting fixtures have been custom made in Europe. The centerpiece light, known as the energy producing “Navorite Vault,” emits 1.6 million shades of light. There are also delta shaped lights located in the vaulted walls in the end of the “wings” that change precisely at the same time and same shade as the larger fixture in the middle of the store.

Western Pennsylvania Geothermal installed the geothermal radiant floor heating and cooling system. Heating and cooling costs are on par with a conventional three bedroom home- and that’s with the front “vec-doors” opening and closing hundreds of times daily! (Slippery Rock Hardware provided the doors – Biofab crafted the ornamentation) WPG also installed Nu-wool insulation. Bob Hovis provided plumbing for restrooms and Dillan Well Drilling provided the water.

Marcus Terwilliger and his crew installed the drywall and we crafted a one-of-a-kind tool that created the meteorites on the ceiling. The ceiling was painted and then each meteorite was sanded- exposing the white surface underneath. The ceiling and walls are painted with 14 different shades of blue gradually turning from light pale blue in the wings to midnight blue near the space portal at the front of the ship. This represents the colors at a cloudless sunset. And it just so happens the lighter colors are in the west portion of the store.

The “Space Portal” is one of a kind. This custom made star-dome is really meant for overhead use in home theaters, bedrooms, etc. We made ours resemble a ship orbiting over an atmosphere of another planet- that’s why it’s painted lighter at the bottom and has an operable “horizon light” that can be engaged. The stars are authentically positioned for this longitude and latitude on December 30th which is the wedding date of the owners, Todd and Nadine Shingleton.

We hope you will stop by soon and see the store firsthand!